CrossCraft: Custom Crosswords


Create Personalized Puzzles!

Varied Topics

Dive into an extensive range of topics from categories like General Knowledge (like Pop Culture), Movie Franchises (like Harry Potter), Sports (like Football), or Programming (like Flutter).

Personalized Puzzles

Blend provided topics with your own question-answer pairs to craft unique and meaningful crosswords, perfect for educators, parents, or event organizers.

Multiple Sizes and Shapes

Choose from 5 sizes (XS to XL) and 3 shapes (square, portrait, landscape) to suit any occasion or challenge level.

Adjustable Difficulty

Tailor the challenge with 3 difficulty levels, ensuring fun and engagement for all ages and skill levels.

Play Anytime, Anywhere

Engage with crosswords directly within the app, whether you're online or offline, thanks to local on-device generation.

Export and Share

Easily export and share your creations, or print them out for physical play. Ideal for special events like birthdays, Christmas gatherings, and more.

Limitless Possibilities

With unlimited crossword generation, your puzzle potential is endless.

Inclusive Language Support

Enjoy the app and its puzzles in 7 different languages, making it accessible and enjoyable for a diverse global audience.